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Jim Carrey , Mr Popper's Penguins Main Character

A message from the lead bureaucratEdit

Hi , I am Happy65 . Im ready for my mission and that is to make this wiki ultra amazing . I am not the founder of this wiki but I adopted this wiki . If im going to make this wiki amazing I need your help. Please could you edit pages , create pages and more stuff . Im making a project called the MPPWIP . Thats stands for the Mr Poppers's Penguins Wiki Improvement Project , Here is the link. . Spread the word guys ! . As a thank you , If you invite a friend of yours to this wiki , you will get an award designed by me . I would like to thank the following users below :

Wikia ( Without Wikia this wiki wouldnt exist and they help people out )

Djcupcake12700 ( She was the founder of this wiki and she did a great job )

Thank you for spending a few minutes to read this message . * ~Happy65 Talk My Amazing Blogs ! 14:59, September 26, 2011 (UTC) (Lead Bureaucrat)

Admin QuotesEdit

I think this wiki can become a great attractive wiki and be very amazing . -Happy65

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